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Welcome to Love and Money...with Joy

My name is Joy and I run, where I sell intimate products such as body lotions, lubes, vibrators, lingerie and other items designed to make you feel joy and passion, about your self, your partner and life in general.  Joitoyz is about passion and love ...and sex, of course...which all work together to bring us feelings of euphoria....and joy.  
While I do believe that joy comes from within, sometimes we need a little help to get us there. And when you feel joy, you should share it with someone else.
I am also owner and CEO of Colors Consulting Group, a business consultant company that 
specializes in accounting, bookkeeping and taxes. I help individuals and couples keep their finances up-to-date so they have more time to concentrate on making money and enjoying life!
Being an accountant and owner of a website that sells intimate products, I deal with money and love a lot.  I think about joy a lot, not just because of my name, but i, like most people, am forever in the pursuit of happiness.
Joy is different for all us. For me, it is peace.
When I am at peace, I experience pure joy.  Feeling the warmth of the sun. That afterglow of true accomplishment. That radiation of joy from others.
I have learned that what matters is finding that joy in our life, recognizing it and – of course – enjoying it.
So, does money make us happy?
We all know the answer is no.  But we also know that without money,it can be hard to do the things that makes us happy, like taking nice vacations and or buying that sexy to-die-for outfit.
And although money can’t buy love, relationships do come with a price tag.
Follow me as we navigate the rocky terrain of love and money.  We will explore how love and money affects us and our relationships.  We will discuss our relationship with money and how it relates to our happiness in our life and with the people we love.

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