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Sex and Mischief!

Add a hint of naughtiness into your sex life and explore soft bondage.
Blindfolds are a popular favorite between couples. Without sight, the other senses are heightened and every single touch is more intense. Blindfolds are perfect for foreplay and can lead to out-of-this-world oral sex. With no inclination where you partner will touch you next, your entire body ends up tinging in anticipation.

Handcuffs are another great way to spice up your sex life. Surrender yourself and let your partner dominate you by taking full control. With bondage, you really can be as kinky as you want to be. If you're looking for further inspiration, our bondage section is sure to give you some ideas to whip things up…
Handcuffs never felt so good! The Sex and Mischief Adjustable Handcuff are soft and sturdy cuffs with easy on and off closures that connect with a nylon strap that adjusts to up to 2 feet. So much fun, you'll want to play adult bondage games all day.
Don't let your lover get away!

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