Sex trends in 2022

Sex trends in 2022

The pandemic has changed how we view dating, sex and wellness. We found ourselves needing to spice up our sex lives with not only the best hands-free vibrators but all sorts of sex toys and prioritizing our self-care with things like masturbation and solo play. 

With restrictions rolling back and the world once again reopening to the idea of casual intimacy, the future for singles, couples, and whatever other category under the sexual spectrum that may you fall under is looking bright. 

So let’s dive into the biggest sex trends of 2022 that will get our pulses racing.


We are seeing a rise in Ethical Non- Monogamy, which is when your relationship is consensually open. You can have various partners outside of your relationship, which is an umbrella term for polyamory and open marriages and allows people to engage in a more liberal and unstructured relationship.

Ethical non-monogamy is becoming more widely talked about than ever before and while alternative relationship styles aren’t for everyone, this broadening of the conversation is helping to create a better understanding of what relationships can be...what sex can be.

While it might sound a little out of the norm, ethical non-monogamy is not as obscure as you might think. A 2019 online study by pleasure brand We-Vibe revealed that threesomes were the second most popular fantasy, with around 1 in 5 having already had a threesome in the past.

Sex toys can be a great way to open yourself up to new sexual experiences.  Like the We-Vibe Touch X , It's great for couple or solo play, with 7 vibration modes and 8 levels of intensity. The Touch X is smooth and waterproof, and perfectly palm-sized!

 2. Environmentally Friendly Sexual Wellness

Environmentally friendly sexual wellness will play an important role in 2022.  “For many, eco-conscious sex involves opting for toys that are rechargeable and made with high-quality materials that last for years and even decades. Just as consumers are becoming more aware of manufacturing processes and environmental impact when shopping for clothing so too are we looking for environmental responsibility and sustainability when it comes to our sex toys and menstrual products,” sexologist & relationship expert Jessica O’Reilly says. “It makes sense that consumers want to know what we’re putting on and in our bodies. We look at ingredients when it comes to beauty products, so paying attention to materials in our sex toys is a natural extension of this practice. We want to know what a product is made of so that we can decide if it’s a good fit for our bodies, lifestyles, and principles.” 

3. Wearable Sex tech

Technology has come a long way in the past few years and unsurprisingly, the sexual wellness community has been quick to embrace new-age gear. Perhaps the biggest trend we’ve seen recently is the rise of products designed to be used on the go, on a date, or during a romantic dinner. In fact, the impact of wearable sex tech can’t be ignored. With a number of apps and teledildonics dominating the online market, this new form of technology has changed the way we view intimacy. Rather than a shame-inducing practice, 2022 may see pleasure embraced as an act of wellness to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, breaking the boundaries of more traditional self-pleasure environments.

4. Conversation Card Games

Due to extended periods of isolation over the past few years, we’re becoming more aware of the importance of real, deep connections. Many of us are no longer content with surface-level relationships and are craving intimacy and deeper connections, This is where sex games come in. These types of games invite you to open up emotionally and sexually to a lover in order to nurture a connection. 

5. Outercourse

According to LELO, this year will see outercourse becoming the go-to safe sex alternative, whether it's foreplay, dry humping, sensual massages, or mutual masturbation.  

Outercourse will be popular as it, "establishes boundaries and encourages better communication for intimacy and pleasure." Plus it helps you and your partner learn more about each other's bodies and likes.

6. Anal toys

Anal sex is becoming more normalized.

Anal play and pleasure have become more common than ever before, so it is time to take it up a notch and talk about anal toys.

Anal toys are nothing new, but we rarely hear about butt plugs outside their bedroom, people who enjoy rimming, or straight people who enjoy being pegged.

With the sex toy space making strides, it’s time to break yet another taboo and start enjoying the bum fully.

Remember that lube is non-optional, and to take your time.  It will add to the comfort and the erotic intensity, and any toy used for anal should have a flared base and be cleaned or covered with a condom before going into any other orifices.



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