Staying in Shape

Staying in Shape

Staying in good shape is always going to boost both your
self-confidence and your willingness to have physical contact
with your partner. In some relationships, lack of physical
contact is very noticeable, if one partner feels "fat",
"unattractive" or "undesirable" because of their weight.
Dieting isn't recommended, especially the crash diets that
promise huge weight loss amounts in very short periods of
Rather, consider a lifestyle change that involves
becoming more active as a couple and making healthier food
choices. By working on improving your healthy lifestyle you
will not only see changes in your physical body, but you may
also discover new ways to build in time together. Couples
that do more activities together tend to have stronger
emotional and physical relationships, so it will address more
than one aspect of your intimate life at the same time.

Diets that consist of a balance of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean
meats and proteins and whole grains can also help the body
function more effectively. Minimizing refined sugars and
carbohydrates as well as limiting the intake of stimulants
such as caffeine will also help with keeping your body in
balance. While a glass of wine or a social drink isn't going to
be a problem, overconsumption of alcohol will cause a
decrease in your overall sex drive and will also impact on
other aspects of your relationship as well.

Keep in mind that developing a healthy lifestyle and
increasing your activity level doesn't mean that you have to
go into training or jog every day. There are many fun
relationship-building activities that couples can do together
to get in shape and build those emotional bonds.

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