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Pamper Me Box

I Feel Pretty! Box

This box is about you!

Share with your lover,,,or is up to you!


Pink Diamond Shimmer Love Bubbles
What girl doesn't want to bathe herself in Pink Diamonds? It sounds nice, doesn't it? Pamper yourself with Pink Diamond Shimmer Love Bubbles. 
Dona Bath Bomb
You deserve a luxurious bath sweetheart because you are the bomb. 4.51 ounces. 
Blazin' Bitch Massage Candle
Blow out the flame, drizzle the warm oil on your lover's body, and unwind with a massage as good for the body as it is for the soul.
Mini Max Vibrating Lipstick
Don't worry if it's not your shade - this discreet lipstick vibe is so stylish and sexy, it can easily pass as part of your make-up bag!
Sensuality Bath Salts
Heat up your tub without using the hot water! Each packet includes 5 oz. of bath salts and 5 romantic suggestion cards. The cards offer sexy, fun and intimate ideas for ways that you and your lover can enjoy sharing a nice, warm tub together. 
Wanna Be Sexy Body Mist
A playfully soft fragrance with the sweetness of sugar, cotton candy, vanilla musk and light fresh berries...a simply irresistible combination for flirty little moments 

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