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Q: What is the G-Spot, and does it really do anything?

The G-spot does exist -- it's simply the name of an anatomical area in the female body. It was named after a German doctor, Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, and shortened to the term "G Spot". This area is about 2 inches up on the inner upper wall of the vagina between the back of the pubic bone and the front of the cervix. In this area, there is a bundle of nerve endings that may be more sensitive than the rest of the vagina. I say it "may be more sensitive," because some women feel nothing when their G spot is stimulated. Therefore, the question isn't really "Does it exist?," but "Does it do anything?" Even though every women has a G-spot, not every woman has the same response to its stimulation. Some women claim that pressure on that spot produces sexual arousal. While many women feel nothing at all if it is stimulated. 


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