About: KayCyy Pluto

Mark Mbogo, better known as KayCyy Pluto, is a singer/songwriter born in Kenya, Africa. In 2007, he moved to the US with his family.  His love for music began when he started playing the drums in elementary school and singing in his church choir.  It was then that his mother gave him the name KC, meaning "King Confidence". 

While Hip-hop is at the core, KayCyy’s music blends a mix of Afrobeat, R&B, and Pop. When asked to describe his musical style, KayCyy says that he doesn't like to label his genre...he says that he is "just free."

KayCyy has had many accomplishments and lets us know that we will be hearing much more from this soon-to-be superstar.

His latest release,"In the Club" is available on ITunes.

To learn more about KayCyy, visit  www.kaycyypluto.com. 

To connect with  KayCyy, visit  his Facebook page, follow  him on Twitter and on Instagram.

For all KayCyy's media and booking inquiries,  please contact Butch at butchalive@gmail.com or at (347) 605 3751.

About Alive Productions

Alive Productions is a NYC-based music production company, founded in 2014 by two forward-thinking cousins, Selwyn Charles, and "Butch" St. Lewis, whose experience, passion, and creative vision has enabled them to develop long standing relationships with high profile artists, producers and music professionals in Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca Soul, and Pop music. Alive Production specializes in music and video production, artist development and event promotion. To learn more about Alive Productions, go to www.aliveprods.com.

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