Featured Sex Myths

So you believe you understand a couple of things regarding having sex. You may well be correct, but you might also be completely wrong. Check below to discover what generally accepted facts are due for a second look. Once you know these facts, work with it.

Women are not as interested in sex as guys. 
Luckily for men, this isn’t true. Females may become aloof resulting from needs of little ones and work but a sexually contented woman will be a cheerful, loving female.

Men have got to climax to have sexual enjoyment.
This is quite a popular notion for females, who thus will center on attempting to get their guy to that place. But ask any guy who is competent to separate ejaculation from orgasm and he’s going to tell you there are several rewards to what’s called non-ejaculatory climax.

The majority of partnerships will not pull through an outside relationship.
Research actually demonstrates the contrary — up to a degree. The simplest type of straying to recover from is the male easy opportunity/very low participation situation, while the most difficult will be the female comparison extramarital relationship. The main element to help recovery will be to establish a true, reasoned interpretation of the situation and to restore the intimacy and trust. Additionally, some men find sexual stimulation in ways that don’t involve a female, so it’s possible for a man to “have sex” without “being with a woman.” One example — used panties. There are websites such as Perfect Panty Pantry where a man can buy the worn, dirty, wet panties of sexy women. Just possessing such a trophy can be sexually gratifying for some men.

Guys are not naturally monogamous, yet females tend to be.
Possibly this idea is wishful thinking on the part of men. It ends up that women are greatly socialized to constrain their intimate interest to a single male at a time, but women’s personality and biology are fitting to multiple mates – perhaps even more so than men’s.

Having sex is best when you are young.
Undoubtedly, having sex when you’re youthful could be faster and more athletic, but most intimately active older adults state experiencing the most emotionally fulfilling, satisfying sex of their lifetime. “There is less emphasis on fast climaxes and much more emphasis on pleasure and emotional bond,” say many sexuality professionals.

The more affectionate and deeper the partnership, the better the sex.
Dullness will be the more substantial enemy. The challenge for partners will be to develop a common sexual style which integrates intimacy and passion.

In the case the woman hasn’t experienced multiple sexual climaxes, this is an indication of sexual reserve. 
Every female is unique. Performance objectives to get the “right” type of orgasm defeat healthy female sexuality. Validation of the woman’s sexual voice, which includes her orgasm style, is much better for the woman and couple.

Prophylactics remove the enjoyment from sex.
The suitable condom can really boost love-making for each partner. A new study determined that sixty percent of guys choose the inappropriate size or shape condom. After the guys sampled a number of condoms and determined the best fit, the guy’s enjoyment improved greatly.

Larger is better. 
In fact it ends up that the length of your penis is not as big of a matter as most may believe. Compatibility of size is the true barometer. A big penis and a little vagina are not a perfect combination. Additionally, knowing the way to use the penis masterfully is more vital compared with size.

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