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Bijoux Indiscrets Plaisir Nacre - Joitoyz

Bijoux Indiscrets Plaisir Nacre

Bijoux Indiscrets Plaisir Nacre - Pearl handcuffs.
Dress me up and tie me down! Submit to your desires in style with these pearl handcuffs. Use them as light restraints or to travel across the landscape of your skin. The pearl is one of the original symbols of beauty, sensuality and female sexuality. 
Dressed for seduction! Plaisir Nacre is an accessory that conceals a game for the mastery of love. In the eyes of the world, they are mere bracelets; privately, they become suggestive handcuffs.Wear them for any occasion, no one could possibly suspect classic white pearls.
Content: pearled beads handcuffs. Removing the chain: a pair of pearl bracelets.

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