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  • You & Me 3pc. set - Joitoyz
  • You & Me 3pc. set - Joitoyz
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You & Me 3pc. set

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Intimate moments made even more special! The You and Me Bundle is a beautifully presented, devilishly red, organza bag of romantic treats with you and me, in mind. For couples who enjoying playing together and discovering what dizzying heights they can take their sexual pleasures too! Featuring the You and Me game, a You and Me Silky Red Blindfold and the You and Me On A Bed Of Roses petals.
Nothing says romance like red roses sprinkle these, re-usable fabric rose petals over the bed, or in a candlelit bath to arouse the sense of passion and set the scene for the pleasures that lay ahead. Let the You and Me Game take you there, then turn up the heat and intensify your bond with the luxurious, silky smooth blindfold. You and Me game ignites your relationship with love, intimacy and passion, bringing the two of you even closer together. Whether you yearn for romantic foreplay or wild nights of passion, let You and Me help make that special connection that only comes with deep love and trust.
Contents: 90 Forfeit Cards 8 Special` Cards 2 Joker` Cards 1 Die 1 Sand Timer

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